My road test with a Rodan + Fields facial care package in support of great literature!

The lovely Paula Cary of the review site, Poet Hound, has been a longtime supporter of indie authors and small presses, including Alternating Current. She reviews indie books and showcases open submissions and writing opportunities on her blog, and she recently started up a consulting business with Rodan + Fields selling skin-care products to pick up a little extra cash for her family in these tough economic times. Since she has always supported the small press, the small press is going to support her! I was recently granted a mini-facial for a test run, so here it goes!

First, the mini-facial care package. So cute!


In the morning, I was instructed to use the Rodan + Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. It's a thick exfoliant that you can rub into your face without water, and it polishes with a high-glide sugar-and-salt scrub that contains vitamins C and E. You can use this up to three times per week in place of a morning cleanser, and it enhances cell turnover and improves tone and texture with repeated use.

MY VERDICT: It really, really got down into my pores, which was nice. I have big pores, and they were nicely minimized at the end. It contains a base that becomes moisturizing as you rub, so it doesn't need a separate water lubricant. This allows for the paste exfoliants to get deep down into your pores because they don't get washed away or bogged down in any water. It is rather abrasive, if you are not used to it, so you do not need to scrub hard, and I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin (noted “not intended for sensitive skin" on the package). A very gentle rub, though, goes a long way, and it has a refreshing, but not overwhelming, citrusy smell. Smells clean without overdoing it. I gave myself the full recommended 60 seconds before rinsing, and it felt like a stimulating massage. After rinsing, it did brighten my face a little, made my pores appear smaller, and left a slight moisturizing-oil feel behind that enabled me not to have to use so much facial moisturizer (even oil-free moisturizer ends up clogging my pores), which means my pores stayed minimized longer and didn't get re-clogged. With extended use of this product, I could see my pores becoming nearly invisible, which would be awesome. I'd definitely use this again, and I'd be very interested to see the full effect on my pores over time. My skin is not super-sensitive, but it is a smidge sensitive, so I would only use the product once or twice a week for my skin, and probably only for 30 seconds to minimize any temporary redness that might come from overuse. Throughout the course of the day, my skin felt consistently clean, too, so that's an added bonus!


In the evening, I was instructed to wash and tone my face, then to apply Rodan + Fields Night Renewing Serum over my entire face (avoid the eyes) to improve skin texture and firmness and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.  After that, I was instructed to apply Rodan + Fields Redefine Lip Serum to my lips to smooth the lip texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and increase moisturization.

MY VERDICT: The night serum is super soft and velvety, with a hint of vanilla scent, it seems. It goes on ridiculously smooth and doesn't make you pull at your skin when you rub it in. Just glides like silk. I have oily skin, so my skin has a tendency to get over-dry. After a few minutes of this serum soaking in, I could feel it firming my skin, and the process tightens the skin slightly. If you have over-dry or sensitive skin, you may need a moisturizer. I used just the tiniest dab of my regular moisturizer, and it all worked perfectly together. The lip serum at first feels like a sticky Vaseline, but it is very smooth after application. The lips could glide effortlessly and felt softer.


This morning, my skin still felt soft, and it actually appeared to be brighter. I don't sleep well, so I usually have dark circles under my eyes, but this morning, those circles seemed to be a little brighter without the aid of make-up, just more hydrated overall. The serum left my lips feeling plump and soft, and my pores still appeared smaller. All of these products have a nice feel to them, not oily and not overly harsh, so they are all worth a trial run. I'm definitely going to try more of the Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste because I'm super pleased with how it minimizes my pores, which is a big make-it-or-break-it hurdle for me when it comes to exfoliants.

If you are interested in trying any of these products, please contact the lovely, lovely Paula Cary. Her contact info is listed in the graphic at the top left so she won't get trolled and spammed, but you can find it easily enough there. Or you can always email me, and I'll be happy to connect you! Mention that you saw this post, and she might throw in something extra, like a sticker or a postcard or something fun!

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