Hellbound III: Darkness just released

I want to give a little love to my Boston comic book peeps.  They have a new collection of Boston-drawn horror comics for your enjoyment, and it’s available now.  Here’s the love:

Boston Comics Roundtable unleashes Hellbound III: Darkness Anthology of Horror Comics 

The Boston Comics Roundtable, in partnership with River Bird Comics, is pleased to announce the publication of Hellbound III: Darkness, an anthology of all-new horror comics by artists and writers from greater Boston. 

The Art Edition of Hellbound III: Darkness debuted on September 29, at the third annual Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) and is available at selected comics shops in the region and online.  The Art Edition, at 8.5 x 11 inches, features black-and-white art with a wraparound full-color cover nearly a yard long, designed by Roho and featuring art by Jerel Dye.  Following this initial printing, a regular edition will be available at local comic stores, shows, and online. 

The Boston Comics Roundtable’s annual Hellbound collections have won the praise of many comics critics.  Roz Young at Sequential Tart called last year’s edition “a wonderful set of frighteningly fiendish stories.”  Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 wrote, “The craftsmanship in this volume is impressive.”  Jen Vaughn of the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont called the collection “perfect for the horror fan.”  That edition, Hellbound II, was nominated for a New England Art Award in the category of best book. 

Hellbound III: Darkness continues in the same horrifying tradition with eleven chilling tales that examine the darkness that lies within all of us.  These gruesome narratives feature some of New England’s best artists and writers.  Tak Toyoshima, creative director at Dig Publishing, offers a quick taste of zombies.  Poet and “horror burlesque” impresario Janaka Stucky teams with tattoo artist Josh Wallis for a story set in a mortuary.  Lindsay Moore, Donna Martinez, and Joey Peters explore the dark side of high-school overachievers.  Even baseball gets the horror treatment in “America’s Pastime” by Stephen Cartisano and Ellen T. Crenshaw. 

The creators work in a variety of styles.  Kimball Anderson’s “No, He Can Come” uses totally black backgrounds while James the Vampire’s art may look light and airy but hides terror underneath.  Jacob Oley and Gregery Miller collaborate on a nightmarish character sketch named “Vimshaw.”  Alison Burke and Tara Harris of Arrocomic.com explore the woods at night.  Joshua D. Hoaglund’s “Vengeance” and Adrian Rodriguez’s “Pedestrian” are both nearly wordless, with one story taking place on a whaling ship and the other in a modern city.  Jon Clark’s “Void” closes out the volume with the chilling words of a love too far. 

The editorial team for Hellbound III included Jerel Dye as story editor and Kyle Anderson as art editor with supplied additional illustrations by Gregery Miller and Roho.  This volume was designed and produced by Uruguay-born Roho, owner/publisher of River Bird Comics and creator of Hellbound

The Art Edition of Hellbound III: Darkness costs $25.00 and it’s available to order here.

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