Seduced | Pamela Britton

Today I finished reading Seduced by Pamela Britton. It's a historical romance, yes, I know, but it's enjoyable enough. It gets tedious with the he-said/she-said, I-love-you/I-hate-you, he-loves-me/he-loves-me-not back and forth stuff, but all in all, it's witty enough to hold one's attention. I think most people like the romance build-up at the beginning the best, but personally for me, I like the second half that becomes more of a non-romantic, life-and-death story. Once we get to that point, we stop getting the fluff and start getting the friction. I even teared up somewhat when the romance started getting genuine and necessary for survival. Never fully hits the mark, though, which is disappointing.  

That is partly due to the fact that it seems the author tried a mite too hard to get some vulgar wit points — points that ended up pointing to more vulgarity than wit, resulting in dropped charm from an otherwise merely cute book. Case in point: Lucien St. Aubyn reads far too witty to resort to the word “penis,” so when he said it, the page quaked with character inconsistency and shock-value treatment that I think stooped too low for any conquering. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the word penis. It just shouldn't have come from Lord Lucien St. Aubyn, the infamous Duke of Death, the far-too-witty-to-resort-to-such-lowborn-commoner-tongue Rake of Ravenwood. Just tried too hard and missed the mark. But it certainly wasn't terrible. You'll get some good chuckles out of it.

•I purchased this at a yard sale. I do not know the publisher or author.•

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